Application Support

We can help you sleep better!

Let our experts give you peace of mind by providing round-the-clock-support for your mission critical applications. 

Times have changed. Global integration is putting a strain on organizations to innovate faster to maintain the edge in the marketplace. How can your organization derive more value and achieve globalization?

Take advantage of our sophisticated centers of competency to establish a global delivery model with a full range of remote capabilities and high value industry expertise, build capabilities ahead of demand to drive growth, and reuse delivery assets managed by high-quality/low-cost offering delivery teams.

Our Solutions:  We follow a staged implementation of global outsourcing. Our approach focuses on integration of multiple processes, implemented at various stages of the outsourcing engagement. With our staged approach we take outsourcing businesses are to the next level, offering high-tech, high-value service to global business.

Our Expertise: Managing business applications is essentially distinct from developing and installing them. Specialized processes and operations frameworks are required for successful application management, and are key factors to attaining the IT objectives concerning reliability, stability, scalability, and flexibility.

Astivar offers a comprehensive set of Application Monitoring and Management Solutions that encompass portfolio optimization, re-engineering, migration, testing and performance tuning, helping organizations reduce system downtime, enhance performance and concentrate on strategic initiatives. We work as a seamless extension of your in-house development teams to deliver a world-class product life cycle support experience. Our scalable global application maintenance methodology will significantly bring down your maintenance costs and provide increased returns on your implementation investment.  

Application Support: Our Managed Services Practice has the ability to provide you with 24x7 application support and availability monitoring. We monitor applications to threshold standards and use the latest tools in diagnosing system problems.

Functional Application Support: Functional application support services help you better manage your business processes. The standard services include post-live fine-tuning/stabilization and functional troubleshooting and diagnostic services. Functional application support also includes specialized services such as report and query configuration, ongoing configuration, interface optimization and support for customizations.

Troubleshooting and break/fix: We also provide proactive and reactive troubleshooting to help resolve environment - or application-related issues. This typically includes issues that are discovered by monitoring tools or technical personnel during implementation support and production support. Our support staff will respond and work toward a resolution under timelines agreed upon in your contract and service level agreement.

 Change management: Change management services provide numerous channels to accommodate the requirements of your dynamic environment. A few examples of change management services include:

  • Moving code to production 
  • Moving non-binary application patches to production 
  • Applying service packs 
  • Applying minor updates (including application tools) 
  • Administering power users 
  • Running data loads 
  • Copying data between production environments 
  • Changing objects, such as tables and indexes 
  • Performing database maintenance and extracts 
  • Setting up batch/cron jobs 
  • Configuring batch files and executing application-specific file load

Database services: Database support services are designed to provide expert help with setup and day-to-day management for a variety of popular database packages. Services include database software installation and configuration, plus troubleshooting, upgrade and patch installation, configuration changes, log file rotation, pruning, archiving and performance tuning to help you optimize your Web site performance and end-user satisfaction. 

Middleware services: With access to the skills and expertise of the best professionals, middleware support services provide startup and ongoing management for middleware packages. Implementation support includes middleware software installation and configuration. Steady-state support includes troubleshooting, upgrade and patch installation, configuration changes, log file rotation, pruning, archiving and performance tuning to help you speed and simplify Web site implementation and focus on your core capabilities. 

Key Benefits 

  • The reasons to team up with Astivar for global delivery go beyond the cost savings:
  • Access to the experienced services skill pool
  • Maximize uptime and increase operational efficiency.
  • Multi-site solutions spanning multiple time zones, allowing your projects to “follow the sun” without a night shift
  • Deliver the strict SLAs promised to your end customer 
  • Quickly respond to business needs and user expectations in a timely and cost effectively manner 
  • Access diverse expertise on a 24x7 basis across heterogeneous environments and therefore round-the-clock support for mission-critical applications and enabling infrastructure

Reduce Operational Costs While Supporting New Growth Opportunities:  As your business grows, the demands on existing applications increase, making it vital for you to ensure their stability and availability when your customers need them.  With our Managed Services offerings, you can actually cut down on maintenance costs without compromising on quality, leaving you with budget for new developments.  Our services are tied to mutual SLAs, and our well-defined methodology supports application maintenance with high transparency and predictability. We align your applications and their performance and transform your support organization and services to maximize business value and minimize the cost of your portfolio.