Software Development

Accelerate software solutions and achieve your ROI goals faster.

With recession, ROI has become more critical than ever before and IT executives under pressure to deliver in shorter time frame. As IT experts, we have been able to help large organizations better govern their software delivery life cycle, from business concept to the deployment of live systems, so a company can more efficiently and effectively. We can helP:

  • Achieve ROI - by aligning business priorities and software investments to maximize business results.
  • Establish Flexible Model– enable greater development innovation through flexible sourcing and development productivity tools.
  • Manage risk and change – evaluate risks and manage risk variance using development metrics tied to business goals and priorities.

Leveraging our years of experience in software development we have formulated the methodology geared to provide great business rewards in the world of complex software development, where requirements change, resources are constrained and risks abound. Our approach enables work to be performed in a common way, ensuring the use of the same language and a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Our approach supports IT governance, deliver visibility and dashboards to help keep the team informed so that budgets can be properly approved, allocated, controlled and aligned to deliver higher value as follows:

  • Improving project success rates 
  • Improving team productivity and improving utilization – in today’s world of geographically distributed business, development and resources, maintaining collaboration and reducing duplicated or wasteful efforts can be difficult. With improved software development governance productivity and resource utilization can be improved getting greater value from each resource, and freeing resources for more strategic initiatives. We offer 24/7 availability of our development resources so that our global customers can reduce development cycles and keep project risks to a minimum. 
  • Improving quality – finding issues earlier in the development lifecycle helps to save development costs and improve productivity. Finding issues before they reach the customer drives higher satisfaction levels and future growth and revenue. Improving quality through better software development governance can help to identify issues earlier in the lifecycle, such as in requirements, design review, unit and functional testing, when the cost and time to fix the issue is significantly lower than in later stages, especially prior to deployment.
  • Improved accommodation of internal and external regulatory requirements – requirements for privacy, security and controls are better met with proper governance tools to track and test changes and assure compliance testing to regulations. 
  • Improving velocity to market – in most organizations there is a backlog of projects – a long list of projects that the team cannot get to because of resource constraints and budget limitations. Using Astivar’s global resource model and finishing current projects quicker can help to deliver the expected value of these projects faster, while getting to these backlogged projects could deliver their incremental value sooner rather than later. 
  • Reducing training and learning costs – a cohesive governance process and integrated toolkit for better knowledge transfer can provide for lower training costs over time, and reduced learning time, allowing new team members to come up to board quicker, as well as helping to improve development staff retention and reduce on-boarding costs.
  • Reduce development infrastructure and operations costs – a tightly integrated approach leveraging our global resources for software development helps reduce the infrastructure cost, including cost of providing work space, PC cost, cost of software license and tools involved in the development life cycle.
  • Reduce redundant projects and improve value through alignment – By following a focused and disciplined approach we increase the visibility into application development spending, assuring that application development investments are being made in the projects that will make the most difference/highest priority to the business, stealth projects are not unduly increasing costs

Let us assist you in building software solutions that will stand test of time.